Jamaise Partners Inc. (“JP”) is a boutique investment holding that combines its activities of holding equity investments and promoting new business ventures with its business as a provider of services and supplier of products in various sectors.

Our core values support, promote and inspire the concept of excellence and quality in every aspect of our business and investment activities. We do not accept any compromise that could undermine the concept of quality or break in any way our desire to pursue and achieve, as far as possible, perfection. The maximum attention and maniacal care distinguish every single moment of our work.

With our partners and collaborators, over the many years of shared activity, we have developed a culture that combines ethics, corporate social responsibility, respect for the environment and people with an entrepreneurial spirit, long-term vision and profitability. Our strength lies in the fact that we always encourage the individual initiative of our partners by promoting them to take on more and more responsibility and autonomy in management and decision-making.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is forged on granite-like perseverance and a culture of risk-taking combined with management control and financial discipline. Our vocation drives us to always seek the right combination of creativity and innovation for the development and growth of each investment initiative.

We are firmly convinced that our products and services must be conceived, designed and implemented, always keeping in mind the criteria for the development of sustainable activities and respectful of the environment, people and communities in which we promote and carry out our activities.

Our ambition is to motivate the teams we work with to achieve higher and higher goals by promoting solutions that interact positively with our ecosystem.

Our Brands

Nepertech Sustainables